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Board Members Responsibilities

The board of directors is responsible for governance and policy setting. This is a level of board oversight that focuses on the mission, direction, priorities, and evaluation of the organization’s programs. Other specific duties generally include financial oversight (through the review of financial statements and setting of budgets), fundraising, and its own operations (nominations and election processes and board evaluation).

General Board Responsibilities

Under their duty to take care in governing the organization, the board has a general supervisory responsibility to:

  • Establish rules for governing board operations through bylaws and resolutions.
  • Establish policies: goals, objectives, priorities, timetables, and procedures.
  • Authorize material transactions: investments, acquisitions, major expenditures, etc.
  • Select and remove other corporate officers.
  • Establish personnel policies.
  • Monitor corporate finances, both income and expenditures, often through a finance committee.
  • Monitors and evaluate the implementation of board policies and decisions.

Current Board Members

Rickie Smith
Vice President
Executive Secretary
Anthony Glover
Dewayne Queen
Board Member
Seven Jackson
Board Member
George Daigle
Board Member